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Pain in the lower back is one of the most common complaints I see in clinic. It is often incredibly painful, seriously restricts movement and affects sleep.

Early diagnosis and treatment gives quicker relief and appropriate rehab can guard against reoccurrence. Unfortunately the longer you have been in pain, and the more episodes you have had, the more treatments that are likely to need.

Part of treatment usually includes exercise prescription and may also include treating and mobilising other parts of the body, eg upper back (thoracic), hips etc. If you are one of may patients I will have gone through some of these exercises with you, and you may find the links below useful reminders, but if they increase your pain stop and talk to your osteopath before continuing. If you are in any doubt about the cause of your pain please do not attempt these exercises without having seen an osteopath first.

Beginners lower back pain rehab exercises:


Back extensions



Bridge, Bridge variation

Knee hug and rock

Stretches (Multiple)

Cat/cow or Mountain/valley

Lower back rotations

Upper back rotations

Switching ‘on’ lazy glute muscles

Glute medius for runers

Lateral band walking for glute medius

Glute rehab exercises with resistance bands

Advanced Gluteal muscle strengthening