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“Is it because I have bad posture” is a question that I hear with increasing regularity when a patient has neck, shoulder and upper back pain. I don’t believe that there really is bad posture, just posture that is held for longer than the body is happy with. Our joints like to move. Look at a child and see how much they fidget and move around. We aren’t designed to sit motionless looking at a computer or phone screen, or even a book. Look around, change position, have a stretch, stand up when taking a call…all of these little variations will help.

If you are a patient of mine I may have prescribed some exercises to help with discomfort. Below are links that will help jog your memory about how to do the exercises, but if they make your symptoms worse please give me a call or stop doing them until you see me again.

NHS basic neck exercises booklet 

Neck stretches

Chin tucks

Shoulder rolls