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We require our knees to do a lot over the years and, unfortunately, they can ache and need a bit of attention along the way.

If you are a patient of mine I may have given you some mobility, strengthening and stretching exercises. Here are links to help you remember how to do the exercises but there are more than I would give any one patient and they may be specific to particular dysfunction, so please talk to your osteopath before attempting an exercise that has not been prescribed for you or if any exercise gives you pain.

Quadricep strengthening (3 levels) squat

Crab walking with resistance band

Bosu ball instability: squats (2 levels), step-up & lunge, jumping squats


For patients diagnosed with ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome ) I may recommend these exercises:


Gluteal muscles.

Advanced Gluteal stretches if you have ‘good’ knees

TFL (Tensor fascia latae)


Foam Roller recovery


Gluteal muscles

Hip Hike 

ABductor muscles

Advanced for runners:

Single leg step down

Single leg wall squats

Single leg deadlifts